Supporting Power!

We're there when you need us - anytime, anywhere! Dedicated to our motto “Supporting Power”, we offer you the very best quality at the most competitive prices. How do we keep this promise? By making sure that every single employee at Hanseatic Bunker Services feels personally obliged to ensure your full satisfaction.

From ISO-certified fuels and lubricants right through to strategic Risk Management consultancy – wherever you require our assistance in the world, our staff are on hand to help: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Full speed ahead!

Staying the course of quality: Hanseatic Bunker Services has a global network of reliable suppliers at its fingertips, established and proven over many years. Together with these partners, we are always in a position to find the very best solution for you. Our uppermost priority here is to keep delivery times as short as possible.

Hanseatic Bunker Services is your gateway to ISO-certified quality at excellent value for money. You require a delivery, ideally by yesterday? Our employees are already on the case and will stop at nothing to get even the most difficult of jobs done!


Run smoothly!

Whichever trademark lubricants you require, Hanseatic Bunker Services can deliver them to you worldwide. Our superb supplier contacts and contractual agreements with large-scale manufacturers means we can provide you with any manner of lubricant types.

We utilise the very latest technology to ensure that the most diverse products can be mixed with one another - without impinging in any way on performance levels and the risk factor for your machines and engines.

Risk Management

Stay in control!

The price of oil can be extremely volatile. So-called price risk management/hedging lets you keep you fuel costs stable and calculate the risks for your business.

Based on your projected fuel requirements, our employees will determine customised solutions designed to help you remain within budget. Armed with this expert support, you can then plan the ideal strategy for your risk management.


Hanseatic Bunker Services - even our name reflects the old Hanseatic merchant tradition that our company stands for. Founded in 1993, our headquarters are based within sight of the port, right in the heart of Hamburg.

Our experienced employees are committed to organizing, advising, informing and problem-solving on your behalf, making sure that all your requirements and wishes are met. This approach makes Hanseatic Bunker Services a trustworthy and reliable partner for your business.



Martin Rasmussen

Managing Director

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 - 41
Mobil: +49 172 43 629 43
E-Mail: martin(at)hanseatic-bunker.com
Skype: martin_hanseatic


Kai-Heinrich Schmidt

Manager Marine Sales

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 - 11
Mobil: +49 172 42 982 00
E-Mail: kai(at)hanseatic-bunker.com
Skype: kaihbs


George Diakoumakos

Senior Bunker Trader

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 – 61
Mobil: +49 173 237 4484
E-Mail: george(at)hanseatic-bunker.com
Skype: george_hbs


Gert Nell

Senior Bunker Trader

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 - 71
Mobil: +49 151 7244 9820
E-Mail: gert@hanseatic-bunker.com
Skype: gert.nell


Yolanda Nell

Senior Bunker Trader

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 - 21
Mobil: +49 151 7244 9821
E-Mail: yolanda@hanseatic-bunker.com
Skype: yolandahbs


Aleksander Hoffmann

Bunker Trader

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 – 81
Mobil: +49 160 9024 8989
E-Mail: aleksander(at)hanseatic-bunker.com
Skype: aleksander_hbs


Grit Anton

Back Office

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 - 51
E-Mail: accounts@hanseatic-bunker.com


Jennifer Teepe

Back Office

Tel.: +49 40 36 00 14 - 51
E-Mail: accounts(at)hanseatic-bunker.com